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STEEL SIP HOMES INC - Texas Entry Homes

The Company acquired eighty percent ownership of STEEL SIP HOMES INC. (SSH), a Texas corporation, in August 2022.  Until now this Texas-based builder of affordable homes continues to employ “traditional stick-framed” home construction. 

Going forward our plan is to track the development of SIP – Structural Insulated Panels for potential integration into the Texas market with our advance steel structural insulated panel technology that appears to offer many benefits but SSH will not make the decisive move to SIP until and unless the cost of such construction becomes more affordable. 

STEEL SIP HOMES INC.  is making progress in Texas as SSH is keeping its focus on production of “Texas Entry Homes” at affordable prices in a market that is extremely underserved.  The Company’s plan is to complete and close on the sale of at least six (6) Texas Entry Homes during the rest of 2023,  and to complete and deliver an additional twelve (12) Texas Entry Homes in 2024, eighteen (18) in 2025, twenty-four (24) in 2026, and thirty (30) in 2027

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