Rancho San Pedro Martir

TIMBER CRUISE PROJECT - Rancho San Pedro Martir

Setting Tomorrow’s Standards, Today

The Timber Cruise Project is 50% owned by ABOA.  This project is on 15,800 acres of land located in Rancho San Pedro Martir, Mexico.   One of our team has had deep involvement in developing this project in this most unique high mountain property in the world.  A major asset of this property is the forest of “Bull Pine” that are 50 to 150 years old, and over 20″ DBH (Diameter at Breast Height), and “Yellow Pine” more than 150 years old and average over diameter of 34″ DBH.  The most “Board Feet” (BdFt) of Timber will come from the “Bull Pine”… and the total volume of Timber on the Ranch is about 74 Million BdFt. 

Revenue Streams are the timber that is removed due to bug-infestation and forest management plan; granite boulder or quarry extraction; and real estate sales of the most unique and fascinating ecoogical project in the world today

The “Total Stumpage Value” of Timber was appraised at about $60 Million Fair Market in 2006, and it is estimated that the marketable Timber from these forests would likely be valued more than $238 Million, in today’s market for Select Lumber for the construction industry.  And since this project is 50% owned by ABOA we have reflected $120 Million as an asset on our Balance Sheet.