Setting Tomorrow’s Standards, Today


Santa Rita Villas – A community of 135 Townhomes being completed in Sahuarita, Arizona.  This affordable home project will serve a market demand that is being generally ignored.  While this project is in Sahuarita – outside of Tucson – our plans are to expand across Arizona and surrounding States, as our “Vision” in Community development becomes reality! We know of no other home building company in Sahuarita Arizona that is focused on the “affordable, low-cost residential home market.” Sahuarita Arizona has a large retirement community that requires “workforce” housing, as the City of Sahuarita has stated to ABOA.  Most of the service and professional community in Sahuarita come from Tucson, Nogales Arizona, and Nogales Mexico to attend to the many service needs such as repair, maintenance, home cleaning, medical and elderly care; thereby the City of Sahuarita has welcomed ABOA as an affordable homes provider to service the elderly community, the Newmont Copper mine and the light manufacturing companies surrounding the southern portion of Tucson International Airport.  

Sahuarita has a significant shortage of condo’s, apartment buildings and affordable starter, or additional retirement housing, for middle income retirees and growing families.  ABOA provides a necessary solution to this rapidly growing community.  Since the year 2000, the population of Sahuarita has grown by 600% and the state has widened the freeways to allow for the continuation of growth that is projetected to continue.  The presence of the traditional developers, to include Lennar Homes, KB Homes, Pulte, and D.R, Horton, to name a few, is a testament to the need for housing in Sahuarita.  The price points of all the homes start at $280,000 and quickly rise into the million-dollar range, leaving a gap for those whom service this rapidly expanding well-to-do community.  The City of Sahuarita has ientified the need for permanent “workforce housing” and has been instrumental in ABOA’s desire to make the Santa Rita Villas its Flagship development. 

The Santa Rita Development Plan enables the production of 135 Townhomes, starting at $296,500, which will command a Market Value of about $42 Million.  The Santa Rita Villas project will be the cornerstone development that will take ABOA to well over 1000 Homes and a cumulative Market Valuation exceeding $250 Million within 5 years.